Indirect Heat

It’s changed my life…grilling with indirect heat.  Have you done it?  If not, use it this coming weekend before the barbecue season is over.

Grilling over indirect heat is placing the meat to the side of the heat source instead of directly over it.  It is used to cook larger or tougher foods.  My favorite is ribs.  With indirect heat, you use the heating elements on the sides of your barbecue instead of using the full burn.

Here are the steps…

  1. Turn on all the elements and heat your grill to 500-degrees.
  2. Turn off the middle elements, whether one, two or three.
  3. Turn the outside elements down to give you a moderate heat level of 275 and 350-degrees.
  4. Grab an ice tea and slow cook…this will take hours.

Why wait hours for your food?  I could say “Good things comes to those that wait” but the reality is the slow cooking of the meat allows for deep, fall-off-the-bone meat flavoring.

Enjoy this last taste of summer.


Monday Plans

IMG_20150817_204808We are all busy making our weekend plans, but I want you to make your Monday plans.  Don’t spend all of your “Entertainment:Dining” budget this weekend because you’ll want to save some for Monday…though you won’t need much.

Monday you have to visit The Hub in Tacoma.  You see, The Hub has the entire menu half-price on Mondays.  Everything, all day.  Lunch and/or dinner.  Drinks and/or eats.  It’s all half-off.  And this isn’t some kind of scaled-down, happy hour menu.  It’s half off on their entire, regular, on-the-daily menu.  Don’t miss it.

If you read, livelifeontherutledge, you know I’ve had some not so good experiences with brew pub food. The Hub is known for craft beer and thin-crust, artisan style pizzas and Mediterranean flavors.  This brewery actually doesn’t forget about the kitchen side of the house.  It’s good.  I personally had the blackened salmon.  Risky at a brew pub, right?  It was moist, seasoned well (not insanely spicy, as can happen) and good.  A friend got the Quinoa and Kale salad…it did not look good, because it’s quinoa and kale, but if you are into that kind of thing.  Her husband went the other direction with steak and prawns, which, although not the best cut of 12 oz. of meat, looked tasty.  Here’s the kicker, it was only for $10 for steak and prawns.  Ten bucks.

Check out The Hub on a Monday night.  Not in Tacoma, it’s worth the drive.  First, it’s the City of Destiny and second, you’ll send just as much on gas as you would eating locally for full-price.