About Mason

We are a family that lives life on the edge.  I’m not sure we ever made that conscientious decision, but there is no doubt this is where we exist.  Faith, family, community, giving, humor, work, travel, food, exercise, time, life is all lived on what we have called “Life on the Rutledge.”  I’m guessing you may be living there as well, as so many are, and I’d encourage you to join us in this journey.  You can register on the home page to be a part of the tribe.  Do so.

I also work with World Concern, thinking about how we pull the disadvantaged and oppressed off of the edge.  Issues like poverty, water, child explotation and abuse, hunger, education are all issues we work to address.  If you want to hear more about World Concern or my work with them, I send out a monthly enewsletter which you can sign up for below.

In either case, we look forward to seeing you on the edge.


8 thoughts on “About Mason

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