This morning’s tweet ended with an obligatory hashtag. The hashtag was #wordsoflife.

Twitter graciously assists in the creation of a hashtag by displaying a selection of previously used similar hashtags as you type. I started typing letter by letter after the hashtag and got the options of #wordsofwisdom and #wordstoliveby but when I had finished typing #wordsofl … there were no pre-generated options available.

Did no one use #wordsoflife? Truly catastrophic, do people not share words of life?

In searching the twitterverse I did find a handful of instances around around Bible verses, churches, conferences, etc. Good news.

For you today, give someone a word of life. Encourage them. Compliment them. It’s super easy, other than…

  • personal pride,
  • inavailability to vulnerability,
  • no time,
  • lack of emotional connectedness,
  • individualistic society,
  • “I’m tired”
  • and a general avoidance of serving others.

Get over it. Share of word of life. And then hashtag it.