Living in a II Peter 3 Season

What a time to be in global aid and relief…  You can’t open the newspaper without reading the story of another hurricane, refugee crisis, tidal surge, ethnic cleansing, countries in conflict, earthquake or shooting…and now fires.  What’s next?

img_9048.jpgWorld Concern’s leadership from around the world gathered last month for our annual meetings.  Jacinta Tegman, World Concern’s President, opened the meeting,  at the headquarters, with this key question, “How then should we live?”  She based her answer on II Peter 3 and five key instructions.

  • Live Holy and Godly Lives.  Jacinta said, “Before we minister, first we must be right with God.”
  • Make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with God.  Jacinta said that this is her highest goal as president of World Concern.
  • She reminded us that we have been warned that it would be a challenge.  She encourage us, therefore, to be on our guard.
  • Grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  “Know and be,” she said.
  • She ended with this wonderful benediction from the passage, “To Him be the glory both now and forever.”  This is not our work or credit, it is His.

May this passage and these five points prep you for engagement in today’s wild whirlwind (literally and figurative) world.


World Concern’s Hurricane Response on ABC Affiliate

Houston Flood reliefThere were many reports about the landing of Hurricane Irma on U.S. shores in mid-September.  The impact of the powerful hurricane on Haiti went unreported, except for in Seattle.
Here in Seattle, our Director of Disaster Relief Chris Sheach was interviewed by KOMO4 News, the local ABC affiliate.
The two-and-a-half minute report includes video taken by our staff in Haiti and some screen time by our Haiti Country Director Kimcy Blaise.
To watch this story click here or click the box below.

Taking Pictures Across Cultures

img_9153-e1507674799894.jpgGathering folks from around the world for a photograph is a social experiment.  There is personal space, smiling vs. no smiling, touching, etc. that doesn’t always translate.  You can see it in this photo of me with World Concern staff from around the world during our Transform Gala last month.  The photo ended up looking more professional than personal.  I love these people…and I think they kind of like me…

How do you cross this cultural divide?

IMG_9167Simply hold out your arm and phone and exclaim, “Selfie!”  Everyone from around the world will naturally gather around you with broad smiles and the joy of the common experience.  Like this photo from the Transform Gala…that even had World Concern President Jacinta Tegman jump in with out photo bomb.  Not that is love

It is a small…selfie…world after all.

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Sri Lanka Childrens Walk

Sri Lanka Childrens WalkThis weekend there will be 6,000 kids walking in Sri Lanka on behalf of kids.  Would you please pray for this walk this weekend.

Our Sri Lanka Country Director Selina Prem Kumar leads the march.  It was her vision years ago and the first year she had 60 kids walk with her.  As she tells the story, she’ll emphasize by saying, “Six, zero.”

This weekend, a few years into this vision, there will be 6,000 kids marching on behalf of kids’ rights.  The movement has gained political attention, but Selina has kept the event focused on the kids, 6,000 kids…that is six, zero, zero, zero.

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