Pray Specifically for Storm Victims

Houston Flood reliefOur hearts are moved for the people of Greater Houston and now the impending targets of Hurricane Irma.  There is also currently a flooding emergency in Nepal which we, at World Concern, are responding to with our partners.

There are disasters and floods all over the world, all the time.  World Concern is ready to respond and does so on a regular basis.  The experience of numerous disaster over decades of work helps us understand the challenges today and the challenges that will exist in a impacted community following a disaster.

No one knows those challenges better than Chris Sheach, our Director of Disaster Relief.  Chris is a recognized expert in recovery work.  He not only leads World Concern’s Disaster Relief efforts, but has worked in Emergency Response with Food for the Hungry and Emergency Shelter Projects for Samaritan’s Purse.  Chris also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Crown College in Minnesota and has two Master’s degrees in Disaster and Emergency Management.

I asked Chris, how should we pray for these communities impacted by these disasters?  He responded, “Pray for safety.  Pray for support in cleanup.  And prayer for community leaders who will guide the rebuilding of the affected areas.”   Three points — safety, support and leadership.

May Chris’ suggestions specifically guide you as you continue to lift up these communities with your prayers.


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First Day of School Ice Cream?

KingsThis morning I spent some time on the beautiful CRISTA Ministries campus watching children (and their parents) arrive for the first day at King’s Schools.  It’s a special day.

The students were in new clothes.  Each had a larger-than-life backpack carrying what had to be their supplies for the entire year.  They were “talk, talk, talk” to their parents…just leaking off nervous energy.  There were smiles, laughter and the question, “How was your summer?”

A first grader crossing the campus said to his mom, “There’s ice cream today.”  She looked at him inquisitively, “Today?”  “Yes,” the boy said, “remember last year?”  Mom replied, “Oh yes, that was just last year because you were celebrating a new teacher.”  Then she said, kind of to herself, “That’s right, you’ve been around the block before.”  He was growing up.  He was leading her at some level… “remember, Mom?”

The first day of school is a special day.  Of course, if shows on the kids.  It also shows on the parents, not only in their own fancy clothes but in the lessons they are learning from their kids, like when ice cream is served.

Learning in Michigan

Mason and DetroitI’m in Michigan this week meeting with wonderful World Concern donors and taking in an occasional evening run, hence the shorts.

Wednesday morning I met with a monthly supporter of one of our One Village Transformed (OVT) villages in Chad.  As we talked about his OVT village, his knowledge of the work was impressive.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, he and his family are in the second year of giving a monthly gift to this village. He knew the details of his village and the details of the work.  I think he actually may have known more than I did.  It was impressive.  He taught me.

Then that afternoon I met with an executive in an industrial suburb north of Detroit.  In our communication setting up the meeting, he said he was from “FCA.”  As  long-time staff member of a parachurch organization, I assumed that FCA was used as the common acronym for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

As I met him in the parking lot of a coffee shop, he was wearing a sharp-looking golf shirt and I thought, “Oh yeah, this guy is from Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  This will be fun talking about parachurch ministry.”

I approached and said, “Soooo, you are with FCA?”  And he responded, “Yep, Fiat Chrysler Autos.”    Oh, yeah, I’m in Detroit.

Again, I’m learning.