Clean Water in Crates

clean-waterWorld Concern is constantly innovating to solve the complex issues of the poorest and most destitute places in the world.  We call these places “the end of the road.”  This innovation includes strategic partnerships with governments, funders, other aid agencies and socially-conscious business ventures. 

Unfortunately, “The end of the road” isn’t a place in South Sudan, it is the whole country.  A key to our work in that country is clean water.  In this barren landscape we must be very creative in our problem solving.  That has led us to a company that creates full-proof, free-standing and fast-acting water purification systems.  These systems are revolutionary and we are blessed to be working with such an pioneering group of men and women.

While the water purification systems are amazing, they aren’t helping the people of South Sudan … because they are still sitting in customs. 

Most of our prayer requests are large…”Feed the hungry,” “Keep kids safe,” “End the war,” “Ease the pain.”  This one is pretty simple… Pray that these water purifying systems would clear the complex and complicated web of customs.

Strategic partnerships, like this one, are a creative avenue for us to venture with socially-conscious businesses, creating innovative products to solve global health issues.  I love our strategic partnerships, as it doesn’t value who will get the credit, but is the job getting done.  It is the right way to operate…but can lead to these challenges.